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This document is compiled in co-operation between Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur municipalities, the local business organisation Argentis and the Swedish Proving Ground Association. The information is subject to change and will be updated regularly during the season.


Are face masks mandatory at the airport?

Yes, all passengers should wear masks as soon as they arrive at the airport, also the staff who interact with the passengers will wear masks. At the security checkpoint, the staff will be equipped with visors.

At what frequency will flights arrive/depart in Arvidsjaur (FlyCar arrivals: 11h, 13h, 15h)?

The schedule of flights has changed to allow for one hour between each aircraft, a measure to ensure that only passengers for one aircraft at a time should be at the gate, and in the arrival hall.

How are arriving and departing passengers separated, to avoid contact?

The aisle between arrivals and departures will be closed off, with separate entrances for arriving and departing passengers.

How is physical distancing ensured at the gate?

Only passengers from one flight at a time will occupy the waiting area at the gate. Every other seat in the waiting are is closed off. For boarding and disembarking, two sets of stairs will be used for each aircraft when possible.

Will the check-in procedure look any different than usual?

Yes, passengers will be asked to "precheck" to reduce pressure at check-in. More check-in counters will be open, and they will open earlier than usual to reduce queues.

How does the security control work?

There will be two queues at the security checkpoint, and the staff will wear visors.

How does the luggage claim procedure work?

As there is only one aircraft arriving every hour, there will only be passengers and luggage from one flight at a time at the luggage claim. It is recommended to exit the terminal as soon as your bags have been claimed to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Can proving grounds and hotels help arrange the transfer of luggage to/from the airport?

This has been discussed. And some companies have made internal agreements.


Are there enough buses available, if we only occupy every second place in the bus?

Yes there are. The bus companies also cooperate with each other to ensure that buses are available.

Are enough buses available for the scheduled flight times (between 11:00 and 15:00)?


What measures are the bus companies taking to ensure physical distancing onboard?

Generally, boarding and disembarktion shall take place in the rear of the bus. The area closest to the driver is closed off for passengers and all passengers have access to their own double seat. All passengers are recommended to wear face masks throughout the whole trip.


Is there the possibility of quarantine care in the hotels incl. food supply?

Yes there is, each facility has an action in place to handle a situation where a guest needs to be quarantined. Extra rooms/cabins are prepared for this eventuality with catering possibilities from the restaurant.

Is an automatic extension of the stay due to quarantine possible?

Yes, it will be possible.

Will the bandwidth and wifi capacity in the hotel rooms be sufficient for use as a home office?

Our hotels have different types of solutions regarding this, but according to the information we have received, it should be possible for those who are ill or for other reasons need to work from their hotel room to have internet access with satisfactory bandwidth.

Can increased cleaning frequency be arranged with the owners of private villas and apartments?

The local companies responsible for private house rentals, have in collaboration with each other and local support companies developed updated cleaning procedures related to the ongoing corona pandemic.

If someone in a private house tests positive for Covid-19, must everyone in the property be quarantined for 7 days?

In the agreement that the homeowners are part of to rent out their private houses, they approve to the covid policy that says that guests/guest will stay in the house indefinitely if they have been tested positive. They will be isolated until they are symptom-free or indicate a negative test. At larger companies, they’ve arranged for isolation accommodation and the guests will be moved there. A person with or without symptoms who is in contact with a diagnosed covid-19 case shall be considered to be a suspected case of covid-19.

Who is exempt from the code of conduct?

If, as a household contact, you do not have any symptoms of covid-19, you may in some cases be excluded from obtaining rules of conduct. For example, people who share certain areas of the accommodation -such as student corridors -are generally excluded provided that physical distancing has taken place. In the case of workplaces where staff live together, an individual assessment must be made of the suspects and whether codes of conduct should be given. People who have previously had covid-19 and/or have antibodies are generally excluded from the code of conduct.


What actions/ hygiene concepts have the restaurants planned?

They are to follow Public health agency of Sweden’s and Visita's guidelines. They will also provide face masks and disposable gloves for their staff, extended cleaning of public areas, systematic disinfection of exposed areas (for example payment terminals, bar counter and so on), remind but also create conditions for restaurant guests to keep their distance, package goods safely. (folkhalsomyndigheten.se/the-public-health-agency-of-sweden) (visita.se)

Who is responsible for ensuring that restaurants and shops take the nessecary measures?

The company owners themselves are responsible for taking adequate actions to stop virus transmission. The municipality's environmental and health inspectors are responsible for monitoringrestaurants and serving places. They have the power to shut down the activities if restaurants/serving places do not apply the necessary regulations.

Could a food truck be set up?

Food trucks are available in both Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur.

Is it possible to install sandwich machines in the proving grounds? How about delivery services?

Not sandwich machines, but we have local companies that can make sandwiches upon request and also arrange delivery to the proving grounds. Some companies also have the possibility to arrange catering for lunch and/or dinner to the proving grounds.


Are there enough Covid-19 tests available?

Yes there are, but only at the Health Center (in Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur)
Where and how can I be tested? If you are sick or have symptoms and want to do a Covid-19 PCR test, contact Arjeplog Health center at +46 961-14801 or Arvidsjaur Health Center at +46 960-57502. Note! - If you are sick or have symtoms, always contact the Health Centre before visiting. They do tests on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The test is free of charge. Only people who show some kind of symptom are allowed to be PCR-tested. Evenings and weekends you have to call +46 961-148 02 (Arjeplog) or +46 961-575 01 (Arvidsjaur) The emergency number 112 shall be used in emergency situations.

How long does it take to get the test result?

At the moment it takes about 3-7 days to get the test result back from the health centers.

How do I get the result from my test?

Standard procedure for the Health Centers is to send the result in a letter. Therefore, it is important to provide all relevant contact information when you are being tested. If the test is positive, you will also be contacted over the phone.

What to do if you have tested Corona positive but have no or only mild symptoms?

Immediate quarantine and infection tracking.

Who is responsible for the contact tracing procedure?

The health centers are responsible for the contact tracing when a person has tested positive.

What happens in severe cases when a person needs to receive intensive care?

Those in need of intensive care will get it.

Where do you get advanced/intensive care for covid-19?

That is given at Piteå or Sunderby hospitals. Who decides who needs advanced health care? This is determined by the staff at the health centre based on the patient's general condition, not on the basis of Covid testing.

Is there a reporting chain, if you have severe symptoms?

If Covid-19 has been detected, yes.

Are there any alternatives to the public health centers if I require a faster test result, or if I want to be tested without experiencing any symptoms?

Yes. In Arjeplog, local healthcare provider Lapland Medical Services will offer Antigen testing for individuals without active symptoms. The tests are performed by trained professionals and the test result is presented the day. These tests may be used for obtaining travel certificates.

How do I book a time for Antigen testing?

Each company/organization should appoint one person as coordinator/contact person to handle the booking of tests for its staff. Every Company Client will through their assigned coordinator/contact person get a review of the terms and procedure of sampling. This includes expected actions in the case of finding an asymptomatic individual carrying the virus of SARS-CoV-2 within the organization.

Ordering of tests will be done in units. 1 Unit contains testing of 4 individuals. Through working with Units, the flow of individuals are being controlled, and will effectively minimize contact between the different Company Clients personnel.

The individuals need not be specified beforehand. They will have forms to fill in before entering the Clinic, and will identify themselves before sitting down in the laboratory.

Prebooking of units to ensure that your company has available testing capacity can be done beforehand. Those will be prioritized and will be planned according to agreement. A digital platform will be used for single units. Those can only be changed and cancelled up to one week prior to date.

When prebooking over a 6 week span or more, with a minimum of 3 Units per week, a reduced price of 3200 SEK/unit ( 4x800 SEK) will be offered. Single booking price 3800 SEK/ Unit ( 4x950). The digital system for individual bookings will be open soon. More information to follow.

How do I get in contact with Lapland Medical Services? Either by sending an email to laplandmedicalservices@gmail.com or by calling Dr Stina Renberg at +46 (0)70-3075678



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